Author Christopher Coates Discusses his Newest Release

Author Christopher Coates joins me today to discuss his newest release, Alternate Purpose. Read on to learn more about this interesting novel. SJJ: What genre(s) does this book fall under? CC: SciFi Adventure SJJ: Who is your target audience? CC: Young adult or older SJJ: When was your newest book released? CC: January 22 2020 SJJ: Please tell us a little about your new release. CC: A man discovers he has an amazing ability and builds his identity around this incredible gift from God. What will he do when he learns that the gift isn’t from God? Instead, he is part of a desperate plan to save humanity from an unimaginable disaster. SJJ: Where does the story take place? CC: Eastern USA in the

New Release from Author Andi Lawrencovna et al

My guest this week is Author Andi Lawrencovna. Her newest release is a little bit different than previous guests’ in that it’s an anthology of 9 short stories from various authors including Andi. Here’s what she had to say about this latest release in our interview. SJJ: What genres does this book fall under? AL: Romance! And a whole bunch of Subgenres! Lol. This is an absolutely amazing collection that covers everything from Contemporary Romance to Fantasy Romance and everything in between. We have Historical, Paranormal, Clean, Spicy, Personal…literally, EVERYTHING is in this anthology and it is a great way to meet new authors and new stories and just have a good time reading about love!

New Release from Author Timothy J. R. Rains

Author Timothy J. R. Rains joins me this week to talk about his latest release, The Blade from the Barrow. SJJ: What genre(s) does this new book fall under? TJRR: The Blade from the Barrow is a Viking Fantasy based on the Norse Sagas. In particular, it’s a mashup of The Saga of Hervor and Heidrik and the Saga of the Volsungs, featuring the protagonists Hervor Angantysdottir and Sigurd (or Siegfried) the Dragonslayer. It’s worth noting, however, that this book takes place in 400 AD, a few centuries before the traditional Viking Age and that the word Viking does not appear anywhere in the narrative. That said, the Nordic cultures and religions depicted are very much what the average person wou

Beyond the Story - Jasper Amazon Parrot A Rainforest Adventure

Blurb Jasper and his family enjoy living in the Amazon jungle. It’s full of family, friends, and adventures. Knowing their sister, Piper, will soon learn how to fly, will only add to the fun this family of birds will embark on. The brothers, Jasper and Willie, are growing up in this wonderland of colors, sounds, and smells. They will need to rely on each other and friends as a strange new animal turns into a new buddy, while another can disrupt their lives forever. While new challenges are always popping up, nothing can prepare Jasper and his friends for what is about to happen - something unexpected that will change everything. I am thrilled to have this different kind of guest on Beyond th

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