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New Release from Author Andi Lawrencovna et al

My guest this week is Author Andi Lawrencovna. Her newest release is a little bit different than previous guests’ in that it’s an anthology of 9 short stories from various authors including Andi.

Here’s what she had to say about this latest release in our interview.

SJJ: What genres does this book fall under?

AL: Romance! And a whole bunch of Subgenres! Lol. This is an absolutely amazing collection that covers everything from Contemporary Romance to Fantasy Romance and everything in between. We have Historical, Paranormal, Clean, Spicy, Personal…literally, EVERYTHING is in this anthology and it is a great way to meet new authors and new stories and just have a good time reading about love!

SJJ: Is this a genre you normally write in or are you trying something new?

AL: I think a lot of the authors in this anthology are traditionally romance authors. I usually write Fantasy with a romantic twist, which I think comes through in this anthology as well. The great thing about anthologies is that authors can choose to experiment and have fun outside of their usual styles, and I think that’s one of the things that we all were really excited about for this anthology.

SJJ: Who is your target audience for this anthology?

AL: Our hope is that this project has a little something for everyone! The goal really, or target, was to get this book out to as many people as possible, really opening up our audiences by making new connections and friends.

SJJ: When was the anthology released?

AL: Valentine’s Day, 2020! I am so very grateful to have this amazing group of writers with me who literally all said “YES” to doing this project…with little over a month of prep time for it! These stories that came from it are poignant and sweet and amazing and, really, I consider myself blessed to have such a great group of people with me for it!

SJJ: Please tell us a little about this new book.

AL: Around every corner and even right in front of you, love is spinning fabulous stories. Love can be rekindled between hearts broken by lies and betrayals if you’re willing to make a pass. Sometimes it takes playing referee to a cat and dog to find your true soul mate. Predictable might be the name of the game, until the unexpected comes along to push you into something new. Love takes so many different twists and turns: a sister left behind who is freed when she learns to love; the moment when magic sparks between two strangers and turns into something more; or second chances that come with just a little push. Just like a kaleidoscope, every shade and shape of love is imprinted on our hearts. Maybe you’ll find a few of those stories of love in this book? Gina Ardito, Grace Augustine, CJ Baty, Linda Boulanger, Edward Buatois, Jennifer Daniels, Laura Hern, Andi Lawrencovna, & M.M. Roethig

SJJ: What inspired all of you to write these stories?

AL: I am not trying to take the credit here, but Me! Lol. I contacted these authors, many of whom I’ve worked with before, and many who I have fallen in love with working with them for this first time, to create this piece together. Last year was our first adventure into writing this Kaleidoscope Hearts anthology, and I am so grateful that all of these amazing authors chose to work with my crazy again to create even more stories of love and romance to share!

SJJ: Was any part of this book particularly difficult to write?

AL: Interestingly, and I’m only speaking for myself, I had a really hard time with the “romance” here. I wanted to write a story that wasn’t just about “love between others” but about “love of self.” I watched Frozen 2 not long before starting on my story idea, and I really wanted to focus on that idea that “I am who I am meant to be” and “Love yourself” and so while there is that element of romance to my story, I wanted the main focus to be about “me” (in terms of the character! Lol), and that was really hard for me.

SJJ: How did you come up with the title for this anthology?

AL: Actually, funny story, I am a HUGE Sara Bareilles fan. I keep my iPod on shuffle most of the time, and one of her songs came on called “Kaleidoscope Hearts.” It was a month before Valentine’s Day, and all I could think about was all the different ways and types and visions of love in the world, and it just seemed like the perfect name and descriptor for an anthology that focuses on LOVE!

SJJ: Who designed the cover? Did you have much input in the design?

AL: One of our amazing authors, Linda Boulanger, who also wrote a story for the anthology, designed the cover for it. We worked together, but she is 100% the creative genius for the piece, in designing the cover which we hope has that “kaleidoscope” feel to it, both sentimental to that adventure of looking in one as a child, and representative of all the colorful pieces that make up our hearts as growing human beings.

SJJ: Is this anthology the only one from this group of authors or are there others?

AL: So, this book is actually the second Volume of this “series.” Kinda… It’s not a series in the sense that the stories are continuations of anything, but it’s more like a serial anthology. Our first Kaleidoscope Hearts anthology came out on Valentine’s Day 2019. And I’m hoping that my amazing compatriots will stick with me for a vol. 3 next year too!

SJJ: Where can this anthology be purchased?

AL: It can be found EVERYWHERE in eBook for free. We’re also selling the paperback copies on Amazon for a limited time too.

Author Bios and Links:

Andi Lawrencovna lives in a small town in Northeast Ohio where she was born and raised. After finishing her education, she decided that it was time to let a little fantasy rule her life for a while. The NeverLands were born out of a frustration with happily-ever-afters, and a burning desire for the same.

Gina Ardito is the award-winning author of contemporary, historical, and paranormal romance, currently published by Montlake Romance and independently. In 2012, she launched her freelance editing business, excellence in editing, and now has a stable of award-winning clients, as well. She’s hosted workshops around the world for writing conferences, author organization chapter meetings, and library events. To her everlasting shame, despite all her accomplishments, she’ll never be more famous than her dog, who starred in commercials for 2015’s puppy bowl.

Editor and internationally known author, Grace Augustine, was raised in Montana. Her hobbies include music, acrylic painting, container planting, and old romantic movies. She resides in Iowa and is the mother of two adult sons and an adorable feline.

CJ Baty loves a good mystery, hot sexy guys, the mountains, and a happily ever after. When she decided to try her hand in the book world, it only made sense to combine those things. She firmly believes that love is love in all of its shapes and forms. Her books contain broken spirits that need to be mended and a mystery, often a murder, which needs to be solved, so those spirits can find love. She calls southwest Ohio home, but her heart lives in the hills of Tennessee.

Linda Boulanger has always been a hopeless romantic, which spills over into her eclectic mix of published books, numerous story singles, and short stories in a few group anthologies. She spends her "free time" designing book covers for others through Tell~Tale Book Covers and TreasureLine Designs, all from her desk just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Edward Buatois is an eclectic reader and writer who enjoys many different genres including romance, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy. He particularly enjoys writing urban fantasy, though he's been getting more involved with romance lately. And there is usually a fantastical element to surprise.

Jennifer Daniels lives in Upstate, NY with her husband and son. She enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, camping, kayaking, and being on the water. Jennifer is a former nurse and for several years was very active with her local volunteer fire and rescue department. She is a paranormal/fantasy junkie, loves to read most things in those genres and is a binge-watching Hallmark Channel fan.

Writing was never on her radar until her son shared with her that he wanted to write a book. So, together they began and that was when Jennifer decided to give it a try on her own. And that was how the Opalla Series was born.

Laura Hern is a native Texan and grew up reading murder and romance mysteries. She currently lives in Minnesota and is the author of the Lainey Maynard Mystery series. You can connect with Laura on her author Facebook page, Twitter, and her website.

M.M. Roethig is a happily-ever-after author who swoons for a good romance. From the time she was a little girl she was spinning tales for anyone who would listen. When she's not making up stories, she's spending time with family. M.M. Roethig lives in Colorado with her husband and son, close to one of her daughters and grandson. She loves movies, books, dancing, music, baseball, and traveling when possible.


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