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Beyond the Story - Jasper Amazon Parrot A Rainforest Adventure


Jasper and his family enjoy living in the Amazon jungle. It’s full of family, friends, and adventures. Knowing their sister, Piper, will soon learn how to fly, will only add to the fun this family of birds will embark on.

The brothers, Jasper and Willie, are growing up in this wonderland of colors, sounds, and smells. They will need to rely on each other and friends as a strange new animal turns into a new buddy, while another can disrupt their lives forever.

While new challenges are always popping up, nothing can prepare Jasper and his friends for what is about to happen - something unexpected that will change everything.

I am thrilled to have this different kind of guest on Beyond the Story Character Interviews. This week’s character, Jasper, lives in a series of children’s books, and he is an Amazon Parrot. What is also unique is that Jasper is based on the real Amazon Parrot living with Author Sharon C. Williams and her husband.

I hope you enjoy our “conversation”.

SJJ: Hello and welcome to Beyond the Story Character Interviews. For those who aren’t familiar with you, can you please tell our audience your full name and where you live?

JTW: My name is Jasper T. Williams. I own a house in North Carolina where I allow my loyal subjects to live and serve me. It doesn’t compare to the Amazon rainforest, but it will do for now.

SJJ: (LOL!) Ahh, so you’re the house owner. I suppose my cats and dog believe they own the house and allow us to serve them too.

But seriously, how would you describe your personality?

JTW: I have wings and can soar through the sky. I am majestic as I fly above people beneath me. I guide and help people with my presence that is equivalent to royalty. What else can I be but a benevolent humble angel.

SJJ: So, what you’re saying is you’re the cat’s meow.

Now, this is a two-part question, Jasper, do you do anything for a living? (I know, strange question for a bird). And what is your dream job? Providing you’re not already doing it. (Also, a strange question)

JTW: What do I do for a living? The real question is what don’t I do for a living? I raise the sun each morning to eliminate the darkness. You’re welcome. I defend my throne from outside animals. I spread my wisdom to my humans with my wonderful singing voice. Even to those who don’t appreciate it. I observe human culture and entertainment while critiquing it. Trust me, both needs lots of critiques. I don’t have a dream job, because my dream will be a reality. I will be loved by all as I should be. I hope to have several statues in my honor very soon and made from platinum or diamond, because gold can’t capture my beauty.

SJJ: What is the biggest obstacle that is preventing your from achieving your goals?

JTW: When the sun sets and the darkness covers the lands, I lose motivation to do work and happen to fall asleep, but even asleep I maintain my beautiful image. Most humans look ugly while sleeping, they drool and snore, but not me, I have dignity. Maintaining my perfect image takes a large portion of my day through perfect grooming of each of my feathers. I really should hire someone to groom me so I can focus more on complete world admiration and adoration of me.

SJJ: Okay, so you’ve told us how wonderful and beautiful and amazing (and humble) you are but can you tell us something about you that not everyone knows?

JTW: I secretly don’t hate my mom. I know she thinks I do. And it is not that I hate her per say. I just love dad and my brother so much more. They think I am the most awesome thing since peanut butter. And let me tell you, their right. She comes in handy. She kills bugs for me, buys me treats, pats my head, cleans my cage, fluffs me, has written three books about me and has written a few songs as well. So, I have to throw the lady a crumb or two so she doesn’t spiral downward. I mean I have to keep the old girl around, right? See I am sensitive. You can add that to the question about my personality.

SJJ: (Chuckling) Okay, noted. But I am glad to hear you appreciate all your mom does for you.

Now tell us, are there any defining moments in your life that made you who you are today?

JTM: I can think of none. You humans are so quick to mark defining points in your life like they defined you or molded you, but not me. I was Jasper before I was born and I will be Jasper when I die. Everything that I am I was born with. The beauty, charisma, grace, and etc. come naturally as easily as breathing to me. If I were to change in the future, make no mistake it wouldn’t be a defining moment of fate that changed me. But it would be changing only for a whim on my own accord.

SJJ: I’m probably going to regret this question, but do you have any regrets?

JTM: Bitch please, I’m Jasper. Excuse my language.

SJJ: LOL! Well at least you have some manners.

I think I can guess your answer to this question, but Is there anyone you look up to, consider to be a mentor, either in the past or right now?

JTM: I don’t find many people to be worthy of my praise, but I must admit one movie has had a profound effect on my life. That movie is The Lion King. When the big cat looks into the water, sees his own reflection and got all emotional, I realized I am my own mentor. Why look up to others when I can look up to myself both literally and metaphorically?

SJJ: Just as I thought. Okay next question, and once again I think I can guess your answer but it will be much better coming from your lips, I mean beak. When you think of all your accomplishments, what is your proudest moment?

JTM: I like to think I accomplish more in a single day than most people accomplish in their lives. Though that is unfair of me to compare myself with commoners who are trying their best. Though if I had to choose one, I think the year of 1999 comes to mind. It’s when I uplifted the lives of three new humans and showed them what their lives were missing to be my crowning achievement. It wasn’t easy, but I clearly changed their lives for the better. They say that is the year they rescued and adopted me. But let’s get real. I saved them.

SJJ: (Shaking my head, with a smile) What’s your idea of the perfect day?

JTM: All days are perfect when your name is Jasper.

SJJ: Jasper, your answer does not surprise me.

What are your strengths? And because it’s part of the interview, what are your weaknesses? Though I am sure you don’t have any.

JTM: My humble personality, limitless stamina, graceful movements, beautiful voice, and courageous nature are just some strengths. My weaknesses would be the fact that I can’t be in two places at once. I can only share my image and enrich other people’s lives through the internet...for now. I promise I will help all humans and animals on this planet no matter how beneath me they may be.

SJJ: (Shaking head again, with maybe an eyeroll and because you’re a bird, a chuckle as well) Humble, huh? Anyway, I am surprised you found some weakness, though I’m not quite sure it really is.

Okay, moving on. Tell us Jasper, a busy parrot saving the world and all, what do you do for fun?

JTM: I do lots of things for fun, but I have taken an interest in this wall lately. There is nothing special about it. It’s an ordinary wooden brown wall, but I find myself lost on its texture and can stare for hours. It has the benefit of showing off my beautiful backside as well as being more entertaining than 90% of what I have seen of human television.

SJJ: I guess you could say you watch it like a hawk, sounds like a blast. But I don’t think I’ll try it.

And what do you do to relax?

JTM: I’m always relaxed. I am the definition of posed and calm or at least I will be soon once Webster gets back to me.

SJJ: I’m speechless.

On to the next question. What are your plans for the future?

JTM: I don’t plan for the future it distracts me from the now. Though I do believe I mentioned complete world admiration and adoration of me. That is always on the agenda.

SJJ: Okay, Jasper, if a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play you?

JTM: The only person who can play Jasper is Jasper, but unfortunately most humans can’t understand my message accurately. So, if possible, I would like that black actor who played God in that one movie to narrate the movie. The one with the moles who hasn’t aged in years. I like his voice almost as much as I like the French language. Definitely get him to be in the movie.

SJJ: Well, Jasper, I think you mean Morgan Freeman. And I do have to agree with you, he is a wonderful actor with a fabulous voice. Il est magnifique! (Just a little French for you).

Jasper, with regards to your books, are you happy with the way your story was told?

JTM: Well I say this all the time. Every moment where I can share my life with others makes me happy. First or third person, movie or book, paintings or photos, and so on makes no difference to me. Jasper is Love and Jasper is Life.


Sharon C. Williams is a native of New England raised in Northern Maine. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son. She is also owned by a flock of six birds. Sharon has a B. S. degree in Chemistry. She loves to read, sketch, take pictures, walk, exercise, go to the movies, and listen to music. She is a budding bird watcher, and knits on the side. She is a huge sports fan of baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. She is also a shutterbug and is always looking for the next big shot.

Two of her short stories were published in the anthology, Cassandra's Roadhouse, which is no longer published. Sharon also has two short stories published in the Dragons in the Attic anthology, which was written by her writing group, The Wonder Chicks. Two short stories in the anthology The Reading Corner: Book One which was released by Fountain Blue Publishing. Her children's chapter book, Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure, and Jasper: Amazon Friends and Family, were previously released by Fountain Blue Publishing in 2013 and 2015. The second edition of volumes one and two were published by Peculiar Possum in July of 2019. Volume three, Jasper, Amazon Parrot: The Perils of the Jungle, was published by Peculiar Possum on November 27, 2019. Her comedy novel about her war with her backyard squirrels, Squirrel Mafia, was also released in the spring of 2015 by Peaceful Musings Publishing, followed by an anthology titled Everyday Musings, which was published in in 2016 by Lysestrah Press.

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