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It's Official - Your book is the WINNER of the sci-fi category in our 2018 Golden Quill Award Contes

I entered this contest a few months ago never really thinking it would go this far. After a month, Playing in the Rain was selected as a semi-finalist along with five other books. Another month later and an email confirmed that it had moved on with one other book as a finalist, a winner would be chosen mid-July.  Tonight I received an email from Golden Box Books Publishing informing me that Playing in the Rain has won the 2018 Golden Quill Award in the Science Fiction category.

This is my first book award. I enjoy writing and everything it entails. Okay, not everything, editing is blah and marketing is even worse. I spend anywhere from 3 to 4 hours every weeknight when I return from my-full time job working on all aspects of writing. At the moment editing the second book of my first trilogy (Playing in the Rain was the first) is top priority. On the weekends I spend anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, maybe more, working on this craft that I love. It's hard work as any author knows, but winning awards makes it worthwhile and keeps me going.

It may not be the Giller Prize but it's a start and I'll take that!


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