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Author Interview with KG Petrone

Welcome February's Author, KG Petrone. KG provided some interesting answers to my interview questions. One of my favourites is #7. Her answer made me chuckle. When I originally came up with the question, I was thinking of my favourite historical romance novel. I was not thinking about some other genres. I definitely would have to agree with her answer.

1. Do you remember the first book you read that had an impact on you - in what way and what was the name of that book?

Oh, goodness my first book was Ballerina Bess. I read and read that little book. I remember feeling much like Bess. I loved to dance and felt I too, could become a Ballerina.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to write?

I didn’t, I dabbled most of my life writing memorials and poems. However, I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until a story popped in my mind and became trapped in there. I began putting the story down on paper and nine months later, “Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine” was complete and published.

3. Who is/are your favourite author(s)?

My favorite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Lisa Jackson. I’m sure I will acquire a larger list as I read more stories from my peers.

4. What is your favourite thing about writing? What is your least favourite thing writing?

Of course, the accomplishment of a completed story, but what I enjoy more than that is feedback from my readers. For me hearing feedback from my readers good or bad is the most satisfying aspect. On the flip side the least favorite thing for me in writing would have to be punctuation. Not too long ago I would have answered writing dialogue but I have become more comfortable with it.

5. Where do your ideas come from?

The idea for my current release came from a true story I came across while doing some research. I was researching an area where I was considering purchasing a home and came across the story of Frances Slocum. The story hit a cord inside my heart, not from Frances’ perspective but from her mother’s. As I began the process of putting the story to paper the story-line evolved on its own.

6. I’ve often found that creative people have more than one talent, what is yours?

I guess for me it would have to be cooking. I love to cook and have been told I’m pretty good at it. I also have a cooking Facebook page and blog on cooking where I share some of my favorite recipes.

7. If you could jump inside of a book for one day (as an observer) what book would it be?

Well to be quite honest, none. You see I prefer thrillers, horror, and murder mysteries. So I don’t think I really would like to physically observe any of these in this genre. LOL

8. When you create characters are they completely made up or do they resemble or remind you of people you know?

My character are a mix. Some are based on people I know. The two main characters Detectives Hart and Jones from my published novel are based on two of my children. Victoria another character in my story resembles me. However, the other characters are totally invented.

9. Have you ever created a character “out of thin air” only to run into someone in real life that reminds you of that character either in personality or their features?

Oh, sadly yes! As I stated in question 5, the idea for my story-line struck me while researching a location for a prospective new house. I immediately began writing prior to the closing on my home. I created this female character Beth O’Donnell an avid runner. After closing on the home, we moved (to another state). That when I began to take notice of a woman walker who regularly passes my home. Her features are identical to that of my characters. I have yet to speak or say hello to her. I think I feel a bit guilty because in my novel she becomes a victim and killed off. The other kind of creepy thing I noticed is that two of my new neighbors (Jerry & Joe) are also two names I chose prior to moving for other characters in my novel. I did not know or meet these people until after the move just uncanny.

10. What are you working on now and can you tell us about it?

I am currently working on Book two of the Cycles of Time serious. Cycles of Time – Down in the Mind is another crime mystery novel and should be released later this year. I am also about to release a monthly newsletter featuring Misty’s Memoirs. The newsletter will also contain new releases, author interviews, poetry and more. The first issue is scheduled for release April 2, 2018. (The newsletter is exclusive; if you are interested in a copy please sign-up on my blog.)


You can read some of my poetry on my blog or on one of the below links. I have also been featured in Indies Writers Review.

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