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Writerly Wednesday – A Well Deserved Trip

Olivia looked up at the villa; the weight of her suitcases momentarily forgotten. “It’s perfect!” she whispered as her eyes took in the details of her new surroundings. She was overwhelmed by everything.

“May I take your bags, senorita?”

Olivia Jumped. “I’m sorry?” she said, turning to face the young man beside her. She hadn’t been called miss in years.

“Your bags?” He pointed to her hands.

“Yes, sorry!” She held out her suitcases and caught a glimpse of her wedding ring. Her throat tightened. You can do this, she told herself.

Olivia had never been anywhere. When an old friend asked her to come to Mexico, her husband insisted she go. She deserved the break.

Olivia took a deep breath and pushed the thought of her family to the back of her mind. These next two weeks were for her and she was finally going to have her adventure.

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