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Writerly Wednesday – Carried on the Wind

To some it is just a bubble, a temporary sphere that shimmers with the colours of the rainbow as it drifts on the wind. But I know better – it’s magic.

I reach out my hand as the large bubble floats down. It lands softly and bounces in my palm before finally settling. I hold it up to my face and stare at the distorted world through the orb as it sways lightly in the afternoon breeze. A multitude of soapy colours swirl and undulate inside.

I hold my breath as a sudden breeze pushes the bubble from my hand and once again the sphere floats through the air, free for a moment from the bonds of gravity. The bubble rises higher and pops.

I create another shiny orb and close my eyes as the stresses of the day are carried away inside the bubbles and release in the air – magic.

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