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Writerly Wednesday - A Special Father's Day

“So, what do you think?” I crouched down beside Jordan as he peered through the railing. He’d always been a little reserved, but I hoped that would change. After all his mother and I would be marrying soon.

“Is it ours?” He asked excitedly.

“It is. How would you like a trip aboard that beauty?”

“We get to sleep on it?”

I nodded. “Want a closer look?”

Jordan’s eyes grew even wider and he reached up with his little hand and grabbed on to mine. My heart skipped, he’d never held my hand. We walked along the wharf and made our way to our new boat.



“Can I call you dad?”

I looked down at the little boy I had grown to love, my heart swelled, and I nodded. In less than a week we would become a family. I silently promised to be the best dad ever.

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