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Did I Write That?

Since connecting with other authors I have found that many of the things that occur while writing doesn’t just happen to me. This is really nice to know, because sometimes I think I’m losing my mind. It turns out that not only do other writers experience things like suddenly forgetting how to spell everyday words, but even forgetting what they’ve written. I am not the only one to re-read something I’ve written and think where the heck did that come from?

Like many writers, I have a number of different stories in various stages. Some only have a paragraph or two while others have several chapters. Every once in a while I revisit these stories. Some I just read and put away for another day, others I add to, and then there’s the one I decide to finish. Sometimes I read and think Wow, that’s really good. I can’t believe I wrote that. That’s a good moment for me. It makes me feel confident. But then there’s that odd time when I have absolutely no memory of writing what I just read. For a moment I wonder if someone else wrote it. Perhaps I wrote it in my sleep. In any case it’s very strange not remembering. Of course, after re-reading it a few more times, there’s an inkling of familiarity, and then the Oh Yeah! I remember now moment. Luckily it doesn’t happen very often, and I am happy to find out it doesn’t just happen to me. There are plenty of writers out there who are surprised by their own words at times.

As it turns out the journey isn’t just about the process of writing and publishing, but also a road of self discovery. It is nice to know that as I meet new authors, we share many of the same experiences. So, I guess I did write that.

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