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A Poem of Remembrance

Last week, I shared that a catalyst for my writing journey was a poem I'd written after my niece's death. This week I would like to share that poem with you. It seems fitting as tomorrow would have been her 17th birthday. She left behind two loving parents and a twin sister. Thank you, Emily, the strength and courage you showed your entire life helped me to share these words.


Eternally grateful

Memories to share

I hold them in my heart.

Loving Child, do not despair

You were meant to depart.

Extraordinary child,

Miraculous one,

It doesn’t seem quite right.

Loving child, your time has come

You no longer have to fight.

Everlasting love,

More precious each day

In our hearts you’ll always be.

Little angel, you are on your way

Your wings have set you free.

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