Guest Blog with Author Claire Gager

This month's guest blog post is from FBP Author, Claire Gager. Claire has written several books which include three books from The Last Prophet series. A fourth is due to be released some time this year. Welcome, Claire, and thank you for your most interesting post. The Servant Leader – Bosses Showing Vulnerability You may have heard the popular leadership phrase “only the strong can lead.” In American popular culture, whether it is business, education, or the service sector, this has been widely accepted and taken at face value as the only truth in which someone can be an effective leader. In the December 2014 issue of the Harvard Business Review, an article by Stanford University professor

The Journey Continues

It’s hard to believe that the first week of February is almost over. The winter has been fairly mild and unpredictable. You can go to bed with barely any snow on the ground and wake up the next morning to a blanket of white. Spring is just around the corner. I am busily working away on the second novel of my first series. The first book, Playing in the Rain (is scheduled to be released sometime this year. I have yet to receive the first galley edits so I really have no idea what the timeline will be. I have to say that working on a series is tough. I am making more notes as well as re-reading parts of the first book to maintain consistency. I have found that I need to make a few changes in t

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