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Author Interview - Tyler Colins

I am happy to have Mystery Author, Tyler Colins, as my guest this week on Author Interviews.

Tyler has published four novels in the Triple Threat Mysteries Series with more to come.

Read the interview below to learn a little more about Tyler and her writing.

About Writing/Books/Being an Author

1. Do you remember the first book you read that had an impact on you - in what way and what was the name of that book?

I read a lot as an only child—I would walk home from the library every Friday with my arms full! The first book I recall reading and loving—the one that encouraged my love of mysteries and future mystery writing—was Nancy Drew’s The Haunted Showboat.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to write?

Not long after reading a few Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. Being an only child meant having to entertain myself. The wonderful world of [imaginative] writing inspired me to develop a few mysteries of my own.

3. Who is/are your favourite author(s)?

I have a few: Ray Bradbury, Harper Lee, Jonathan Kellerman, Janet Evanovich, Kathy Reichs, Shakespeare.

4. What is your favourite thing about writing? What is your least favourite thing about writing?

I love watching the story/scenes unfold and come together. My least favorite thing is not having enough time to pursue that [much desired] writing. <LOL>

5. Where do your ideas come from?

Most of my ideas simply pop into my head. The odd character is based on people I’ve met (names and traits changed to protect the innocent) while casual actions and dialogue are occasionally based on real ones. Notions related to a given mystery, mayhem and murder stem from my imagination.

6. I’ve often found that creative people have more than one talent, what is yours?

I used to be a very good drawer; in fact, at one time, I had considered attending art school. My other talent would have to be organization/coordination; I excel at putting things in order.

7. If you could jump inside a book for one day (as an observer) what book would it be?

What an awesome question! It would have to be something from Shakespeare—perhaps Macbeth. I’d enjoy going back in time and experiencing life in another era, particularly a turbulent one.

8. When you create characters, are they completely made up or do they resemble or remind you of people you know?

Occasionally, secondary and “transitory” characters are based on actual people, but my main characters are completely made up (and often possess traits/characteristics I wish I did).

9. Have you ever created a character “out of thin air” only to run into someone in real life that reminds you of that character either in personality or their features?

Hmmmm. Not that I recall, but that would be very cool.

10. How do you come up with titles for your books?

Like scenes and dialogue, they tend to pop into my head. I focus on one or two components of the book—“Connecticut” and “corpse”, as examples, re The Connecticut Corpse Caper—and then phrases begin to formulate.

11. What are you working on now and can you tell us about it?

“Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha” is the fifth book in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series. In this one, the three private yes—JJ, Rey, and Linda—attempt to ensnare a serial killer. GrimReaperPeeper—or GRP, as the trio calls him for short—leaves a silken black rose on his victims . . . and a couple at their house. He likes games and wants the private eyes to play along.

12. Have you won any awards for your writing/books and if so what?

No . . . but, hopefully, one day I will. J

A Little More Personal

13. What is one thing you haven’t done but would like to do?

Become an American . . . live in Hawaii . . . be my own person.

14. Can you tell us about an embarrassing/funny moment?

Oh my goodness. There have been many, but the one I’ll never forget (I have the scars) is the time I fainted and tumbled through the biology class door; we were doing blood tests.

15. Have you ever experienced something weird you could not explain?

I can’t say I have per se—nothing super weird—but I’ve had many moments of déjà vu, which can prove somewhat unsettling.

16. Are you superstitious? Do you have any rituals for good luck?

I used to be superstitious, to a degree. If I spilled salt, I’d throw some over my shoulder. I no longer scurry away from black cats or avoid anything with the number 13. Hmm. Hold on. You know, I do still avoid walking under ladders. <LOL>

17. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

I’m not sure what I’ve eaten is strange—perhaps for North America, but probably not elsewhere. I’ve had kangaroo, snake, turtle, chocolate-covered insects, brains, blood sausage, headcheese, eel, alligator.

18. Do you have a favourite vacation spot? Where?

Hawaii. Love it, for various reasons. Someday, I hope it will be my future home.

19. Can you tell us about one of your favourite childhood memories?

I can’t, quite frankly—and let’s leave it at that, please, if you don’t mind.

20. What makes you happy?

Cuteness! I love seeing darling animals, adorable children, and hearing of or viewing good deeds. It brings happy tears to my eyes when people go out of their way to do kind things for others. It warms my heart and instills hope.

21. If you aren’t writing (or doing anything associated with writing), what are you doing?

Currently, I edit when I’m not writing or at the 9-to-5, or taking care of my mother. My time is fairly limited, but I snatch the odd “me” moment whenever possible. J

22. Have you ever met anyone famous – who?

I’ve met a lot of famous people—back when. I used to work in the music industry, doing promotion, so I attended scores of concerts. Given I often worked backstage, I met a number of musicians.

Tyler's Links

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Twitter: Tyler Colins @USBound3


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