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Writerly Wednesday – Safety in Numbers

I sat in a forest of legs, their eerie stillness protected me. I reached out and gently touched the smooth curve of a well-defined calf muscle. The plastic was hard and cool under my palm, but somehow soothing. It wouldn’t be long before he began looking for me.

My ears strained for any sound in the dimly lit storage room. My wild imagination tried to convince me that it heard the collective breathing of the bodies around me. I shook my head and the thought free. I was safe.

I waited for another moment before slowly crawling out from the plastic bodies. The mannequins stood still and made no move to give me away. Carefully, I pulled open the door, home base was in sight. My head whipped left, then right, before my mad dash.

“Home free!” I yelled happily. I would never give up the best hiding place ever.

Let me know what you think of this flash fiction of any others by leaving a comment below.

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