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A Space Of My Own

“I open the door to my home office, a room just off of my bedroom. It is at the furthest end of the house and offers me the privacy I need to concentrate on the work at hand. A small window, centred on the back wall allows for enough natural daylight. There is no need for me to turn on the overhead light, at least not yet. It’s not a large office but it’s comfortable, complete with a coffee maker.”

The above paragraph was taken from a blog I wrote back in February. It was all about how I envisioned my day would go as an author. At the time I did not have my own space but I did have a plan at the back of my mind. Two weeks ago I began to make it happen. In a day and a half I sorted through stuff that had accumulated over the years. Some of it was thrown out while much was dropped off at Goodwill.

Today, my space is a reality and while there is no coffee maker, there is a beautiful view out my window, a wonderful desk, some writing buddies and a mural that I painted. I have added some plants (some bamboo for luck) and a reed diffuser which fills the room with a light scent called Hawaiian Mist.

I still need a few things like a better chair (I’m using an old dining room one for now); a waste basket (I was thinking along the lines of wicker or some natural ​product); newer bookends (the two kittens are from when I was a little girl); and a pen/pencil holder (I’ll know what I want when I see it).

Now that I have this space I feel as though I can get more accomplished. When my family pops in for a visit it really is just for a few moments. They don’t try to have long conversations with me while I’m in the middle of editing.

When I come up to the office in the evening (usually from about 8 PM) I work for two hours and then stop. Although it has only been about a week since I started using my office, I can already tell that having this space will actually give me more time to do other things. I’m not toting my laptop around from room to room, as it now stays on my desk.

I smile every time I step through the door of my new space. It is so inviting even though it is still mostly a storage room. It isn’t a large space and I am surrounded by shelving, wardrobes and large bins. They are all neatly piled against the other three walls and contain things we still need and use, and things that I won't part with or haven't had the heart to get rid of - yet. Nevertheless, it’s my space and I love it. If you can envision some tiny corner of your house becoming a place for writing, reading, drawing, designing, or even just relaxing then I highly recommend it.

Do you have a space of your own? If you do, tell me about it.

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