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To Dream or Not To Dream

I used to have a lot of reoccurring dreams. The worst were the ones where I dreamt my teeth were falling out or I was at school and couldn’t find my class or remember my locker combination (though that actually happened, once). I have had amazing dreams where I wrote song lyrics that turned out to be hits. While dreaming I’d tell myself to write them down when I awoke. Of course in reality the lyrics made no sense at all. I have had freaky dreams about being in a strange house, one that was completely unrecognizable. Sometimes the dream would be frightening and other times very interesting. If I woke up in the middle, I would be able to fall back to sleep and pick up where I left off. If there was something happening in a dream that I didn’t like, I would simply change it. It took some practice, but I was able to make the dreams go the way I wanted them to. This is called lucid dreaming and I found a great article about it called To Sleep, Perchance to Lucid Dream by Marjorie Noble and Daniel Oldis

I have always been fascinated by dreams and their meaning. I guess that’s why Krista’s past life memories in Promised Soul come in the form of dreams. As I understand, a lot of our dreams come from bits and pieces of events from the day. However, what about the dreams of places we have never been before? Are they still just tiny fragments of information our memories have gathered and mashed together or could they be memories from another time? Whatever they are dreams are fascinating, even the scary ones.

I used to dream every night, or I should say I used to remember my dreams every morning. We all dream, but most of the time we don’t take the time to reflect on them. We wake up, jump out of bed, and whatever bits of dream remained, simply evaporate.

I miss my dreams, except the losing teeth one – that one I can do without. So, since tomorrow, April 12, is Lucid Dreaming Day, I think I’m going to take some of the information from the article and start practicing lucid dreaming again. Sometimes great ideas are born from our dreams. I may not dream up the greatest song lyrics, but who knows there might be another book idea just waiting for me to pay attention.

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