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Book Review - The Path of Lucas by Susanne Bellefeuille

The Path of Lucas is the story about one man's great love for his family and the difficult choices and sacrifices he had to make. The story of Lucas' life is told by Lucas as he recounts his memories of family life to his comatose daughter. While the Path of Lucas is a good story, I found parts of it a bit redundant as some things are mentioned more than once (particularly in the dialogue making it heavy at times). The reader would already understand the context from the narration. Also, while written in 3rd person voice (present tense), it is Lucas himself who is recounting the story and somehow he knows the thoughts of the other characters. However, it is well written and there are few grammatical errors and typos. Susanne Bellefeuille's first novel is a lovely and heart warming tale based on true events.

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