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Another Year Over

Wow! Hard to believe another year is almost gone and yet it’s true.

I would like to thank all my guest bloggers this past year. I have enjoyed every one of your posts and I look forward to more guests in 2017.

Thank you:

Myron Stenzel – January 30

Myron's Books

Claire Gager – February 27

Claire's Books

Bobby Underwood – March 26

Bobby's Books

Airam Author – April 30

Facebook : - you can friend request me.

Facebook Page - give my 'page' a 'like'.



Ben Starling – June 25

Ben's Books

Terri Lenee Peake – July 30

Terri's Books

Sharon M. Hart – August 27



Twitter: @SMKHart

D. P. Curran – September 24

D. P.'s Books

John Cooke – October 29



Melanie Robertson-King – November 26

Melanie's Books

Wishing you all a safe and happy 2017.

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