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Writerly Wednesday – An Acquired Taste

I squeezed the bag of ground coffee; my eyes closed reflexively as the robust aroma filled my nose. I couldn’t wait for the granular powder to be transformed into a revitalizing concoction. I’d heard that coffee was an acquired taste though I’d always enjoyed the smell. I was eager for my first cup.

A yawn took over my face. I hadn’t planned on the late night but my assignment took longer than I’d thought. With an 8 AM class, I needed the boost.

Finally, my coffee was set in front of me. I inhaled the aromatic steam as it rose and tempted me. Carefully, I sipped the rich brew. My face scrunched as bitter heat trickled down my throat.

“You’ll get used to it.” My roommate smiled as she dumped a teaspoon of sugar into her cup.

I stared down at the black liquid. Coffee tasted nothing like it smelled.

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