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Writerly Wednesday – Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

“Whachu lookin’ at?” Sam sat down by his friend.

“He’s back.” Luke’s muscles tensed beneath his coat.

Sam eagerly looked around the yard. “Where?”

“Patience, Sam,” Luke barked. “Whoa! Wow! Did you see that?” Luke wagged his tail.

“See what? WHAT?” Sam bounced up and down on his front paws.

“Up there. Boy I sure want that.”

Sam stood beside Luke and stared up at the tree. “What’s the plan?”

“Same as yesterday, and the day before that.”

A small animal snuck out from behind a branch, its bushy tail twitched as two beady eyes stared at Sam.“Oooooo, that’s him!” Sam wagged his tail wildly.

“You know what to do,” Luke yipped.

Sam ran around to the other side and sat down. “We’re gonna get’em today.”

“Oh, ya, We’re wearing him out.”

With a flick of his tail, the squirrel scampered across a branch and jumped into another tree.

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