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Writerly Wednesday – What was I Thinking (or Not)?

I stared at the picture for the third time, hoping the image would evoke a thought, an idea – a memory. But my mind was as blank as when I’d first looked at the photo.

I thought about giving up, deleting the picture of the flower garden that only stimulated my visual sense with its beautiful, vivid colours. However, giving up was not something that came easily, not until every corner of my mind was searched and every possibility exhausted. I was determined to work something out, even if it took all day.

I flipped open my laptop. My fingers tapped hesitantly on the keyboard as I stared at the image. Words began to fill the page and within minutes a story began to take shape.

Time ticked by as I typed, back-spaced, deleted, and re-typed. Finally, I was satisfied and my flash fiction for the week was ready to post.

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