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Writerly Wednesday – Heaven Sent

I sat down on the beach, buried my toes in the hot sand, and drew my knees toward me; hugging them tight. I closed my eyes and inhaled, the salty sea air sent me back in time.

I wiggled my toes, feeling each grain of sand as I buried them deeper. The ocean breeze cooled my hot skin. The rhythmic hush of crashing waves soothed my weary soul. I opened my eyes, looked out over the vastness, and tasted the sea as a single tear fell to my lips. He’d been gone for a year, but he was always with me, the warmth of the sun - his touch; the hush of the waves - his whisper; the blue of the sea – his eyes.

I looked down at the mound of sand covering my feet, a white feather rested on top. “Hi,” I whispered. “Thanks, for staying by my side.”

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