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Writerly Wednesday – Tough Lesson to Learn

“Read the manual.” Maggie pointed to the book encased in plastic and sitting inside the box. “Did you hear me?”

Sam looked up. “Ya, of course.” He smiled. His words contradicted the glazed over expression he wore. He was still shocked by the present his wife had just given him. He felt like a kid again as he inspected his new drone.

“Hmph!” Maggie turned and headed into the kitchen. Several minutes later a loud cry sent her rushing outside. “What’s going on?” She asked.

Sam pointed upward. “It’s gone. I tried everything.” His hand hung limply at his side, the remote control still clutched tightly.

Maggie went back into the house and returned to Sam’s side moments later. “I know one thing you didn’t try.”

Sam looked at his wife then cast his gaze down to her hand. She held the manual tightly, it was still wrapped in plastic.

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