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Writerly Wednesday – Look on the Sunny Side

I opened the small can and blinked. The yellow paint was so bright it was as though I looked up at the sun.

“Can I see?” Sarah’s voice echoed in her empty bedroom.

I lowered the can. Her eyes widened and she smiled. She bounced and clapped her little hands. “Ooooh, it’s sooooo sunny,” she squealed.

“Are you sure about this colour?” I looked down at my smiling daughter.

Sarah nodded her head.

“Okay.” I knelt behind the bedroom door and carefully painted along the edge. The small strip of paint brightened the room.

“Mommy,” Sarah said.


“That’s bright.”

I closed my eyes and spots appeared behind my eyelids. “Yes, it is.”

“Just one wall,” Sarah said.

“Don’t you like it?” I looked at my daughter.

“I love it, but I don’t wanna where my sunglasses inside the house.”

I laughed. Who was I to argue with a five-year-old?

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