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Writerly Wednesday – A Drive down Memory Lane

I'm back with another Writerly Wednesday Flash Fiction prompt. I missed it last week. I hope you enjoy the story. Let me know what you think!

The smell of moth balls assaulted my nose as I pulled the lid from the shoe box. I spied the offending orbs and quickly removed them before searching through the memorabilia.

The first picture was of route 66, the highway that led my father from New Mexico to his new life in California in 1951. Several pictures documented his travels and his voice echoed in my head as though he were beside me. I smiled, in a couple of hours, my husband and I would be heading out on our own journey to New Mexico, and my father would be coming with us. My father’s life had come full circle and he was finally going home.

I placed the urn in the trunk then climbed into the car. My camera sat in my hands, ready to document our journey, as we pulled from the drive. Route 66, here we come.

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