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Writerly Wednesday – Wrapped Around Her Finger

Ainsley squealed with delight as we pulled up at the park. She kicked her little legs and wiggled her butt in her car seat. Her big blue eyes were wide with excitement as I unbuckled the harness. I barely had a chance to grab onto her as she squirmed her way out.

“Hang on, munchkin,” I said, lifting my niece from her seat and setting her on her feet beside me. I held her warm, little hand tightly as she pulled me anxiously and I closed the car door.

Ainsley towed me along; her two-year old legs moving as quickly as they could. She not only tugged at my hand but also at my heart. I rubbed my free hand over the fluttering in my belly. I blinked back the tears that suddenly formed and laughed at myself. Like Ainsley, my unborn child already had me wrapped around her finger.

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