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Writerly Wednesday – Autumn Years

The old fence was just as I remembered, though it leaned more and the boards were twisted with age, it was still intact. I inhaled the cool autumn air and jammed my cold hands into the pockets of my red, fleece jacket. Somewhere in the distance a fire had been lit; the faint smell of burning wood tickled my nose. I tilted my head back and stared up at the fiery canopy; dots of blue sky peeked through the fall colours.

A breeze stirred the leaves and my eyes followed as one silently joined the others on the ground. The trees were at their peak and their stunning beauty wouldn’t last for long.

I climbed back into my car and drove down the old road. I was going to enjoy every moment with my grandparents, they weren’t going to be around forever, and I’d already spent too much time away.

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