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Writerly Wednesday – Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Owen’s anxiety eased as the effects of his medication took hold. He stared up at the plane’s ceiling and exhaled slowly. He closed his eyes and focused on the music playing through his ear phones and wondered if anyone could tell it was his first plane trip.

Song after song played as Owen slipped in and out of consciousness; lyrics and melodies created illusions in his mind. His eyes jostled open briefly as the plane bumped for a moment like a car hitting a pothole. His body relaxed as Alanis Morissette sang Ironic. He had waited his whole damned life.

Passenger’s screamed. A confused Owen white-knuckled the arm rest and stared wide-eyed as the plane tipped forward. “Well isn’t this nice…” The lyrics came to mind.

Owen turned his head and looked at the smiling flight attendant. “We’ve landed,” she said. Owen sighed; relieved it had all been a dream.

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