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Writerly Wednesday – Prisoner of Memories

Originally posted on Wordpress blog on March 16, 2016

My skin prickled. Every hair stood on end, tugging my skin into tiny bumps. I rubbed my arms as though to smooth away the tiny mounds and ease the memories.

“It looks rather sad, doesn’t it?” Griffin asked.

I sensed his gaze but I didn’t look back at him. My eyes were glued to the old house. I nodded and swallowed back the sob that threatened to escape from my lips.

“We can go, if this is too much for you,” he whispered. His warm hand rested against my back. The pressure was comforting.

I faced him and forced a smile. “No,” I cleared my throat. “I’m okay.” I inhaled and stepped closer. If I was ever going to be truly free I had to face my fears. It was bad enough that I had been imprisoned in that house; I wasn’t going to let my memories do the same.

You too, can join in the fun! Just click the link below and sign up for flash fiction. Share them with everyone or keep them to yourself. They are great to get the mind working.

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