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April Progress and Events

Spring is here, though you wouldn’t know it, at least not in my area or in many others. The last couple of weeks have been cold and have even brought snow.

(The west coast of Canada doesn't seem to have this issue, however, spring is having a difficult time in some of the US as well).

While I wait for warmer weather to arrive, April is chalking up to be a very busy month, both in a writing way and personally.

I am continuing to work on the sequel to Playing in the Rain (due out some time this year). I expect the writing to move a bit quicker as I have now worked out some of the main issues that have been somewhat holding me back. However, I have been making steady progress and the book is probably about halfway finished.

Later in the month, I will be attending my second Writers’ Ink meeting. I will be presenting a written piece for critique, though I am not quite sure what.

The end of the month and heading into the first week of May is going to be an extremely hectic time. I have training on the 28th and 29th to help with the 2016 census. The Gananoque Literary Festival will be taking up some of my time from the 29th through to May 1st. I will be participating in this event as a moderator for Canadian Author, Frances Itani. Luckily, her presentation is in the morning as I have a wedding to attend in the afternoon of the same day. There is also one other occasion for me, as a writer, that may also occur near the end of the month. However, as it is not yet confirmed, I will not say what it is. But I am keeping my fingers crossed for this amazing opportunity.

Reviews for Promised Soul continue to be very positive. I will have more book signings this year, though I have no confirmed dates as of yet. As information becomes available, I will post upcoming events under the News & Events tab.

My guest blogger for this month is an author I first encountered on Wattpad (this is my page). In a very short time she acquired a large following as well as receiving some Wattpad awards. She is in the midst of preparing to publish her first book and I am happy that she will be posting at the end of the month. She goes by the name Airam Author on Wattpad but I am not sure what her publishing name will be.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments please post in the comment box below.

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