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Writerly Wednesday – Home is Where the Heart is

Originally posted on Wordpress on March 2, 2016. I finally realized by this post that the flash fiction stories were only supposed to be 150 words.

He stood in the shadows – watching. His cold gaze swept over the few pedestrians that roamed about so late. Her, he thought, as a lone passerby crossed the street. His dead, brown eyes wandered over the city he’d known so well. Much had changed since he’d last visited. While the buildings were the same, the streets had been paved and electric lights shone from windows and posts. Their glow highlighted the darkest of corners. He would have to be careful; there were few hiding spots that accommodated the element of surprise. He fixated for a moment on the flag of the place he’d once called home. Had he a beating heart it would have skipped at the sight. He closed his eyes, cleared his thoughts, and listened intently. It would be daylight soon and there was no time to waste. His lids flickered open. Within moments he spotted her again and moved swiftly. He was out for blood – literally.

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