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A New Year – A Chance for Change

The new year is a chance to make changes in your life, to grow and become a better person. If you have made resolutions for the year than I wish you luck in achieving your goals.

My own resolutions revolve mostly around my writing. I want to have more of a plan to follow every day. I usually end up spending more time on social media instead of writing, but this year I plan for that to change. I will write first (my goal is every day) and then work on social media stuff. I also intend to read more. I read 4 books last year but hope to increase that to 10. I’ve already got one on the go (started just before Christmas) and a second one waiting on the sidelines. Of course there’s also the typical resolution – eat healthy, exercise, drop a few pounds. I add this to my list every year. Some years I succeed, others – not so much.

Since my focus this year will be more on writing, one change will be the amount of blogs that I post on this website. I actually have two blogs, one here and one on Wordpress called Expressions. I always post once a week on this blog with the last week of the month reserved for guest bloggers. My Wordpress blog is usually anywhere from once a week to once a month. I plan on cutting back on this blog to twice a month. I will post at the beginning of the month and the last of the month will once again be reserved for guests. In between I will post on Wordpress. So, if you enjoy my posts you can check out that one as well right here: Expressions.

Did you make resolutions and if you did, how good are you at keeping them?

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and peace filled 2016.

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