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Promised Soul - An Excerpt

The soothing, warm water ran down my scalp sending tingles through my body as it ran across my shoulders and down my back. With my arms stretched out in front of me and my hands pressed against the back of the shower for support, my muscles began to relax as the water seemingly washed away the tension; the pounding in my head began to ease. I tilted my head towards the shower and allowed the water to wash over my face. My eyes still closed, my hands reached down and slowly turned the cold-water off making it hotter. When it was as hot as could be tolerated, I turned away and let the water pound fully on my back; my eyes remained shut. Minutes ticked by as I stood there almost asleep on my feet.

My eyes popped open with sudden awareness that if I soon didn’t get moving there probably wouldn’t be enough hot water to wash with, and there was nothing I hated more than a cold shower.

I washed and conditioned my hair quickly, then poured a generous amount of jasmine scented body wash onto my loofah mitt and brought it toward my face, inhaling its scent and feeling my anxiety drift away. I rubbed the loofah over my body a little harder than usual, feeling its scratchiness wash and exfoliate. It was as though I were trying to scrub away that part of me that kept nagging the truth – pushing it away. When I was finished, my skin tingled; it felt good.

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