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The Heart of Poetry

When I was younger I always thought poems had to rhyme, and when I read one that didn’t, I wondered how it could be a poem. I can honestly say that most of the time I just didn’t get it, so I didn’t bother reading.

Recently, I have been reading verses on other blogs that I follow. It takes a special skill to write poetry, a special way with words. It’s not about using words that may or may not rhyme, or the flow of the lines, but the emotion that is behind it.

I have written a few poems over the years and I certainly don’t consider myself a poet in any way, however, I do believe I finally understand. When I look back at the times I felt compelled to write in verse, I realize that these were moments when I had overwhelming feelings. Periods when I wanted to express how I felt on paper. It was then that the words would flow rather easily and before I knew it, a poem was born.

When I write fiction, I write with my whole self. I use my mind for the imagination, my heart for the feelings, and my body to “act out” a scene. There have been times when my family has caught me physically acting a character’s posture or speaking their dialogue. It’s quite different when I write poetry. There’s no imagining scenes, or acting out body or dialogue. Every word comes completely from the heart, inspired by some emotional event.

I now have a greater appreciation for poetry. I don’t know when I’ll write the next poem myself, but when I do I will know where it comes from – it comes from the heart.

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