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Guest Blog with Keith Kelly

This month's guest post is from FBP Author, Keith Kelly. Keith is the author of Shop Side and his latest release, Tomorrow is August 12th.

Gift or Curse

As a writer and musician, it seems I am always searching for something creatively to fill a hole in myself. It seems I am always looking for that perfect word, or phrase in my writing, or that perfect sound or riff on my guitar. Hauntingly, nothing I will ever create will be perfect enough for me. It may be good, but more times than not I have to settle and be satisfied with it, but never will it be perfect. Us creative types are never understood, people can't understand how we can sit for hours trying to perfect one paragraph, or sentence. They can't understand how we can play the same organization of chords over and over. Fact is maybe us creative types don't either; it's just something we do. I know I have to write and be creative, it’s a deep urge, my soul will die if I don't create every day. It is a gift but also a curse. Now with that being said, as you know *Thanksgiving was this week, and yet another year has passed. I wrote this letter below, which my hope is, to get each of you thinking about what is important in life. To whom it may concern,

I have come and gone once again and I will lay dormant in your brain for another year as you and your family and friends go about your daily life and routines. Although, I am happy for the day you gave to me, I am sad that I will be forgotten for the next year. What makes me sadder is that some of you only gave me an hour or two as I notice that stores are now having black Friday sales on my evening. The assaults have taken place already as some of you fight for worthless garbage at a Wal-Mart, in preparation of celebrating my friend Christmas, he will be coming next, and you talk about sad, he is very sad of what some of you have become. Oh, it is not all of you, just some that do not practice and understand true thankfulness, which makes my job hard. Today is my day of thanks, that *Thanksgiving is over and that I don' t have to try to make you thankful when you’re not, or busting my butt trying to distract you from your pre- occupation over useless crap in your life, or pleading with you to stop a minute to think about gifts you have received in life. You are too busy thinking about the 8:00 p.m. television sale at Sears. Until next year when my job will be even harder, take care and thanks to you who are thankful.

Sincerely, Thanksgiving

*The US celebrated Thanksgiving on November 26.

Keith can be found at the following links:

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