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The Importance of Reviews

I never knew how important book reviews were to an author until I became one. In fact, I admit I never even wrote a review until I became an author. It’s not because I didn’t want to, but because I wasn’t sure how to do it. I guess because I thought it had to be detailed, like a book report, something I hated writing in school. Then I looked at some reviews and realized they didn’t have to be that way at all. Many reviews are short and really just state whether the reader liked the book or not. When I got over my reluctance, I began to write reviews, and I am sure to continue.

Why are reviews so important? Well the most obvious reason is that it lets potential readers know that others have actually read the book. When you are a new author, you have no credibility behind your name. Readers don’t want to take the chance reading a book from someone they’ve never heard of, even if the book is free. A few reviews = few readers. Don’t keep an author waiting and write a review – it’s what keeps them writing.

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