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The Pen is Mightier than the Laptop

For me, that seems to be true, in that I am much more productive when putting pen to paper than when I am writing on my laptop. Especially when it comes to writing chapters for a book, it’s so much faster (as mentioned in a previous blog Handwriting – Will it Become a Lost Art?) However, I never imagined how strange it might seem to some people.

While at my most recent book signing (a rather large venue with several crafters as well as one other author) I brought along a notebook. I had done the same thing back in the summer at a local agricultural fair. Both of these signings weren’t the norm as I had to stay for a required length of time, much longer than regular book signings. Not wanting to just sit there and stare off into space between book signings, I wrote. Anyhow, at my signing last week I had more than one person inquire about what I was writing. When I told them that I was working on my next book, they were quite surprised by the fact that I was writing in longhand. I explained that, for me, it was more productive. Each person that asked was surprised by my explanation. But I guess given this technologically advanced era, it would seem odd that something so “old fashioned” could actually be more productive. So until they invent a computer that can read my mind, I will stick to my “archaic” pen, it does the job nicely.

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