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Early Days of Fall - Photo Diary

It's the beginning of fall, my favourite season. And while the leaves are just beginning to change it won't be long before they reach their peak.

I took these photographs in my "backyard" as I walked along the trail with my husband and our dog, Bailey. We were joined by our kids as we came out the far end of the trail. It was a spectacular day!

Entering the forest at the mouth of the trail.

There are few wild flowers at this time of the year compared to the spring and summer. This one was right in the middle of the trail.

Inside the forest everything is still quite green.

Emerging from the forest, home is in sight.

There's just a touch of colour in the trees right now but soon the vibrant colours of fall will emerge.

Bailey finally made the walk around the trail. We'd tried the week before but we lost sight of her as she went exploring (squrrel and chipmunk chasing). We called for her several times but she didn't return. We turned around and headed back home and that's where we found her. I guess she figured since she coudln't find us she'd head home. It was, afterall, only her second time around the trail, the first being last year when she was a pup.

The view from home looking back out towards the trail.

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