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What Genre? – Um... Fiction.

I was recently asked in a radio interview (A Book And A Chat) about finding my niche when it comes to writing. My first novel is primarily a paranormal romance; however, other works in progress lean more toward fantasy and thriller. I have other story ideas where the genres haven’t quite been established, though some may be YA. These are all genres I enjoy reading and I really can’t see myself sticking to any one category.

While many authors do stay with one genre, it doesn’t seem that I am heading in that direction, and truthfully I’m not sure that I want to. I enjoy exploring the different emotions and experiences that each genre brings. Writing in different categories is a learning experience, and I have always enjoyed learning something new.

Even when my creative side was more focused on visual art, I never practiced one form. Over the years I have tried my hand at needlepoint, rug hooking, cross stitching, knitting and macramé. I have painted in oil, acrylic and water colour. Sketched with charcoal, pencil, and pastels (I suck at pastels). I have sculpted with clay, used a pottery wheel (things only looked good while they were spinning), carved a bird out of soap stone and made a stained glass jack-in-the-box (the latter two forms in high school). I have tried silk screening, painted with an air brush, used a ruling pen, and drawn nudes (I always silently prayed they wouldn’t pose facing me). Oh, and I have taken courses in black & white and colour photography. About half of my art experience came from high school or the 3-year graphic design program I took in college, the other half I did on my own. I have tried and enjoyed many art forms – even when it didn’t go so well. I imagine that my writing will be the same – a little bit of everything.

Are my artistic tastes fickle? Maybe, but then again for me it’s all about the experience. For me, change is good. Whether it’s moving the furniture in a room to make it look different, a different hair colour for a fresh new look, or writing a different genre, I am up for the challenge.

So if you ask what genre I write, I will have to say fiction for it is all encompassing. Although… I do have an idea for a non-fiction :).

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