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How a Bug Became a Brand


Born from the water, translucent and delicate wings carry you on the wind,

A symbol of transformation and change.

Your iridescent hues magically shift, inspiring others,

To reveal their true colours – eliminating self-doubt.

Sandra J. Jackson

Dragonflies have always been my favourite insect. I enjoy watching their agile and quick moves as they dip and dive after pesky mosquitoes, the way they hover like tiny little helicopters over land and water. From the dainty blue and purple ones, the brilliant and fiery red ones, to the large and majestic black ones, I like them all.

It wasn’t until I became an author that I found out the symbolism associated with the dragonfly and how well it suited my stories and my evolution as a writer. It quickly became my brand.

The dragonfly has been around for almost 300 million years. It is the symbol for transformation, change, and self-realization. Their association with water represents looking beyond the surface and understanding the deeper meaning of life. Perhaps one of the most significant symbols is the connection between their iridescence and the discovery of one’s own abilities. The dragonfly - a fascinating insect steeped in symbolism from around the world.

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