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Goodbye July, Hello August

July was a busy month. I had my very first book signing for Promised Soul on the 11th at a great little book store called Purple Door Books & Gifts. It was a little off the beaten path but was the perfect venue. The store sells new age and metaphysical books as well as crystals and pendulums. Since Krista, the main character, visits a couple of psychic mediums, the setting tied in well. I sold a few books and had a great day.

On July 18 and 19 I was at the Lansdowne Agricultural Fair with other artisans. It was a successful event and I autographed 16 books over the two days that I was there. I also managed to write two and half chapters for my current WIP. I met author Rick Revelle who gave me some great information and the co-founder of the Brockville Writer’s Group, Writers’ Ink. It’s amazing who you can run into at a local fair.

Tendinitis in my right wrist slowed me down a little over the month with blogging on my Wordpress Blog and with typing up new chapters for my WIP on Wattpad. However, my wrist has improved in the last two weeks with only the odd flare-up and I have been steadily working on both editing Playing in the Rain and typing up my hand-written chapters for A Crack in the Mirror. Oddly enough hand-writing doesn’t bother my wrist.

I continue to receive amazing reviews and compliments on Promised Soul and look forward to my next book signing, which I am in the process of looking into. I will post the information on the News & Events page as soon as I know when and where. I look forward to see what August will bring.

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