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Psychic Experience

I have always had a fascination with psychics. And while there are those who are just trying to scam people there are others who truly are gifted. They are the real deal. I have met both types, but fortunately my experience has been more positive, meeting two people who are truly gifted.

My very first psychic experience was when I was about sixteen years old. The nearby mall was holding a psychic fair and I thought I’d try it for the fun of it. I think it cost me about twenty-five dollars and if my memory is correct, that bought me a palm reading, tarot card reading and psychic reading. I remember two things about that encounter. One was that he told me I’d have two children, a girl and a boy. I do have two children a girl and a boy; however, I did have another child (a girl) between them. The other thing I remember was that the psychic melted my lipstick. He had asked for something personal to hold onto while he did my psychic reading and so I handed over my lipstick. At the time I thought that it was his psychic energy that had melted my lipstick a little, though I realized much later that it was more likely the heat from his hand wrapped around the tube that had melted it. As for everything else he’d said, well I’m pretty sure none of it came true.

Years would go by before I’d have my first memorable experience. It was during the writing and researching for Promised Soul that I attended my first psychic medium party with Marc Jade. He was very accurate and described things that only the people he was addressing knew about. He helped a lot of people that night, including myself.

My second memorable experience was with spiritual medium, Deb Savoy. I had a reading with Deb a few months ago. She helped me to understand my spirit guide and had messages for me and other family members. Everything she said made sense and I will definitely meet with her again someday.

We all have some intuition abilities; however there are some who have mastered it on a deeper level. After all how often have you suddenly known who was calling before you answered the phone? I even envisioned my son getting hit in the nose with a soccer ball and causing it to bleed during a game. Seconds later, it happened. Now if I could only pick the winning lottery numbers. Sigh!

Check out this article in Harper’s Bazaar Why I Love Psychics By Kerry Pieri. While she has stumbled across a few scam artists, she has definitely found her share of legitimate intuitives.

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