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Summer Fun?

Here it is July already and I have yet to do anything as far as summer fun goes. My job is mainly seasonal which means I don’t get to take any time off during this wonderful season. And that means whatever I do, must be done in the evenings or on my days off. I did attend a wedding reception last week so that was something. Anyway, my challenge to myself for the next month is to do something fun and enjoy the summer at least once a week. I have a book that lists the events that are happening in and around the area where I live, so that should help.

Next weekend I have my first ever book signing, which I am looking forward to and we have our local fair. I will definitely be attending that at least one day. Maybe we will get the old boat in the water too. Summer is short so I am going to do my best to enjoy these last two months. I had great plans when the season began but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Anyway, perhaps writing it down will force me to actually focus on doing something. I promise I will take pictures and next month I will tell you all about the exciting month of July.

As I write this I’m already trying to think of something summery to do. My son is having some friends over tonight to celebrate his birthday. I intend to crash the party (for a few minutes anyway), sit around the campfire, and have a couple of smores. Check off one summer experience.

One final note, Happy July 4th to my American friends, perhaps I’ll take in some fireworks tonight.

What are your plans for the summer? Are you going away or will it be more of a staycation?

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