Cemeteries & The Dash

June 13, 2015

Cemeteries are one of those places that are fascinating, scary, and can be reminders of unpleasant times in our lives.  However, if you aren’t visiting one on a dark and creepy night, or visiting one for personal reasons, they are interesting places.


The most thought-provoking cemeteries I have visited were in Halifax, Nova Scotia. These cemeteries housed the victims from the Titanic tragedy.  I took many photographs of the different headstones and their epitaphs, but the one that was the most poignant was that of the Unknown Child.

I was touched by the numerous toys and other trinkets left behind by visitors to that particular grave. In 2011, the Unknown Child was positively identified and I found it comforting that this little soul finally had a name.  When I wrote Promised Soul, the experience of my visit worked its way into the storyline. 


I don’t make a habit of visiting cemeteries, but when I do I take the time for a little stroll up and down the aisles. I read the headstones, search for the oldest, and find myself wondering about the people mentioned in the epitaphs. Everyone has a story and it’s all packed into that tiny line between the date of birth and death. There’s a beautiful poem called The Dash, by Linda Ellis and it has inspired millions. When you read it ask yourself – are you living the dash? 




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