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The Things Mothers Keep

As a mother, I have several things that I have kept from when my children were younger; baby clothes, stuffed animals, books, and school records. But the most precious things are the gifts they have made, especially mother’s day cards.

I found this article Mother’s Day 2015: 8 cutest hand-written notes by kids to their mothers by Parmita Uniyal. I was reminded of my own treasures that I have received over the years. And while the gifts and cards are no longer handmade, I still treasure each and every one.

I took a few pictures of the Mother's Day artwork I have kept. There are a lot more but I didn't have the time to dig through the bins in search for them so there are only a few. If you're a mother do you have any favourites? If you're not a mother are you aware if your mom has kept any of things you gave her when you were young?

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