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Guest Blog with FBP Author, June V. Bourgo

I would like to introduce fellow FBP Author, June V. Bourgo. She is the author of Winter's Captive the first book in the Georgia Series. It is an empowering story and I cannot wait to read the next book. Welcome, June and thank you for posting a guest blog.

Why Do I Write?

I came across a blog a while back and the lady posed the question, ‘Why Do I Write?’ It got me to thinking about that myself. Why do I write?

In the past, when asked this question, I have always answered that I feel compelled to write. It has a life of its own that niggles away at me until I sit down and answer the call. This is a very short, almost pretentious answer that I believe should be given a little more depth.

Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed, way back to my school days with story assignments. Living other people’s lives, creating their angst and solving their problems appeals to the dreamer side of me. Yes, I’m a dreamer. I don’t think I could write fiction if that weren’t the case. I love researching on topics I know nothing about and weaving that knowledge into my stories. That’s the creative part of being a writer.

Then there is the emotional side. That’s a little more complex. Writing can be filled with highs and lows, writing frenzies that leave one exhausted, or a tapped out muse that causes one to lose focus. Will the muse ever come back? Am I a one book wonder? When you don’t have the muse, trouble developing a character’s voice, or can’t seem to pull it all together, frustration can creep in. I like to think that this is positive stress. It forces the writer to try harder and write stronger. My writing has become a healer. My protagonists contain an essence of me and working out the character’s problems helps resolve my own.

My writing also gives me a voice through my characters. I’ve grown from a very shy child and young adult to a mature woman who can walk up to strangers and introduce myself. Talking to an audience about my writing journey is fun.

However, if you were to ask me to participate in a debate and have a voice that is heard, or take control of the conversation—no can do. Writing is where I find my voice, where I’m most comfortable, and where I’m most likely to influence anyone.

Now that brings me to another reason why I write. Do I want to influence people? I do want to share my life experiences with other women and hope that through my character’s experiences, the reader can relate to my protagonist’s plight and learn something about themselves. This is why I wrote Winter’s Captive, Book 1 of the Georgia Series to express what I learned about myself and share the lessons I learned through an abusive first marriage. My hope was that the reader would relate to the fictitious Georgia Charles, and also be entertained. Was I successful?

So far, the feedback received about the book has been very positive, but an interesting thing happened. I thought I was writing a book about women, for women, and paying it forward through my own experiences. However, my book has been labeled an adventure, a suspenseful thriller you won’t want to put down.

Huh? Surprise! Somewhere along the way, the story took on a life of its own and men are reading and enjoying the story. And, a story that I thought was a one up book, is now a series. Chasing Georgia, Book 2 of the Georgia Series will be released in May or June 20l5. And my work in progress is A Missing Thread, Book 3 of the Georgia Series.

I’d like to thank Sandra for having me guest host today. I hope you learned a little about being a writer and about me. If you’d like to learn more about my writing journey and my books, follow the links below, like my Facebook Author Page, join me on LinkedIn, or twitter, and check out my listing on Amazon, Indigo, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and other online retailer sites.

And if you are a writer: Keep on keeping on writing!

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