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This is Bailey

A/N: Due to unforseen circumstances the blog posting by author, June V. Bourgo, has been postponed to a later date.

Today I present my dog, Bailey. She is a 13 month old hound / lab / border collie mix that became a part of our lives last year. She was a rescue pup we adopted from the humane society at 10 weeks of age.

The long winter has proven to be tough on everyone, including poor Bailey. She is a dog with a lot of energy and though we have a wide open space for her to run free, it's not the same as going on long walks. Unfortunately, the weather this winter made it impossible at times to take her out. And playing with her inside the house wasn't enough to keep that energy in check.

Now that it has become milder we have been able to get Bailey out on those long walks she loves so much. I took her out on one of those walks two days ago. Part of it was off-leash walking (or trying to) in the snowy fields. When we needed a bit of a rest we headed out for the road for some on-leash walking. I brought my phone along and took a few pictures as well as a video of Bailey enjoying her walk. Oh, what a happy dog!

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