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Painting Away the Winter Blues

For many living in Canada, and a good part of the US, the month of February was brutal. We were blanketed by record snowfalls and submerged into record breaking stretches of cold weather. Now that the shortest month of the year is finally over and spring is just within our reach, those who have endured this seemingly never ending winter are looking forward to the warmer days ahead. Soon the great white canvas of winter will be magically transformed by the multicoloured palette of spring.


Tired of the white world outside, I decided to brighten things up by delving into a form of creativity that I haven’t explored in quite some time. I dug out my old oil paint box, found a small canvas (and by small I mean 6" x 8") and prepared to paint.


I looked through my paints and found quite a few small tubes that I thought might still be good - and then I tried to open one. Even the vice grips couldn’t get those suckers open (I told you they were old).


However, I was determined to paint so I dug out my acrylics. I use these more frequently for ornaments or other things, but not landscapes. For landscapes I prefer oil and since this was going to be my first one in years, I was a little reluctant. I am much better at painting small things, like birds on stone, with acrylics.


I was ready to begin my project but what was I going to paint?

I love the photographs on Earth Porn posts so I searched for something that would inspire me. It wasn’t long before I found what I was looking for and my landscape painting began.

The original


My rendition

My palette became messier as I added more paint colours.


Then the finishing touches were added and my project was complete.


For two hours the cold world outside had disappeared as I "cultivated", "planted", and immersed myself in a flowery field. The white canvas was magically transformed by an artist's multicoloured palette.

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