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Guest Blog with Spiritual Medium Debra Savoy

This month’s guest blog is from Spiritual Medium / Energy Lightworker, Debra Savoy. I first met Deb last summer when I brought in some books for her bookstore. At the time, I had no idea about her gift. Several months later she made it known that she was finally going to answer her calling.

My own personal experience with psychic healing came out of research for Promised Soul and it was amazing. When Deb decided to answer her calling it gave me the opportunity to experience her wonderful abilities. She has a true gift!

I asked Deb if she would like to be my guest this month and provide a little information on herself, what she does, and how she made her life changing decision. So without much further ado, I would like to introduce, Debra Savoy. Thank you, Deb, for agreeing to be my guest blogger for the month.

A Little Bit About Me…

Thank you for taking a moment from your busy day to let me introduce myself. My name is Debra Savoy and I am a Spiritual Medium, Energy/Light worker and can help you balance the Energy in your body, home and workplace. Every one of us needs Healing in some way. Some of us get to the point where Alternative Healing is the one answer you need.

During the last 15 years, my 'Spidey Senses' (as I so lovingly refer to them) have become increasingly stronger. My connection to Spirit and my Spirit Guides had worked hard to help me see who I am. However, life got in the way and I ignored my Gift to the point of making myself ill. I wasn't truly able to see the connection between what I was doing daily and the fact that I was communicating with Spirit. That 'they' were responsible for my uncanny ability to 'see', 'hear' and 'feel' things on a level that was not 'normal'. I thought it was normal to have these abilities as I have been 'me' my whole life.

My vocation, owning an amazing little bookshop in the heart of a small town in the 1000 Islands, started 15 years ago from the ground up and became far more than just a bookshop. It became a Ministerial Front as a Presbyterian Minister friend informed me one day, years ago. I had at one point thought I had a calling to become a Minister. Sometimes, people would wander in and wonder why they were there. I was used to that and would just ask them what was bothering them. They would look at me oddly (normal to me) and suddenly start telling me things. They were seeking counseling. It was not out of the ordinary to have this happen. I would relay information and suddenly they would have food for thought or clarity or be moved emotionally. I had no idea how I was able to do that, but I would just listen to the messages in my head and repeat them. It seemed nothing out of the ordinary and because I love people, I was happy to help. But this burned me out, it became constant. Like a Bartender we have to remain in our establishment and matter how much other work needed to be done. Timing is everything and everything in its time.

My ‘Brief’ Philosophy…

So many of us come to a point in our lives where we have to make changes, deal with our past and seek answers to why things are the way they are. We may need affirmation to what is and was has happened. Our past, present and future are all linked. There are times we need to be given permission, to have a deeper understanding and to see our potential through Spirit. With the Gifts I have been given, I can help you with those answers through Spirit…as a conduit. I am guided by Spirit, Positive Energy, Love and Support in this incredible Universe. Love has the Power to Heal Everything. Sometimes we feel off balance and unable to cope with what life throws at us. Through balancing the energy in your body, it will help you get connected to Mind, Body and Soul again. I can help you begin to find your Balance again. You can relax and let our Spirit Guides help us through your realignment with self.

My Services…

Medium Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Card Reading

Spiritual Counseling

Energy Balancing for your Mind, Body and Soul Light Work

Home Energy Renewal and Balancing

Negative Energy Removal in your home/work place

Here is where you can find me…

Debra Savoy-613-876-5729

On Facebook under All About Healing

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