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Merriam-Webster ‘s full definition of soul mate (soulmate)

1 : a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament

2 : a person who strongly resembles another in attitude or beliefs <ideological soul mates>

Do you have a connection with someone that runs deeper than mutual friendship, love or sexual attraction? Does it feel like you’ve known that person forever? Perhaps that person is your best friend or your lover. In either case, you may have felt that connection when you first met.

The first meeting with my soulmate was very brief. In fact it was just an introduction and only lasted a few minutes. I never thought we’d meet again (we lived an hour and a half apart), but I hoped we would. There was something familiar about him. A few months later we were brought together again and became friends. Our friendship grew and a year later we started dating.

Our dating years weren’t exactly “normal”. The first three years I was going to college, and though I was now only 45 minutes away, I didn’t have my own car. Every September I had to find a place to live and I would move closer to the school. My soulmate would come and take me to dinner once a week. On Fridays he would pick me up and bring me back to his place for the weekend. At the end of each school year I would move back to his house for the summer. Though we spent a good part of our dating years apart, I never worried. It felt like we’d been together forever, it was just a bump in the road. On the day of my college graduation, he proposed to me. We married a year later.

When I look into my soulmate’s eyes, I know we have been together a lot longer than the 28 years in this life. Even other people have noticed our connection. They have so much as told us they can see it. Our relationship isn’t perfect. We have had our disagreements and agree to disagree. We have suffered the loss of a child. We have grown and we have changed, but we have always remained connected.

I believe we all have a soulmate, someone we are connected to on a deeper level. It might be your best friend, your lover, or someone you haven’t met yet. My soulmate just happens to be my husband.

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