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Guest Blog With Author Dante Craddock

I would like to introduce my first guest blog by fellow FBP author, Dante Craddock. Dante’s first novel, A Love Beyond Time, was published in May 2014. I asked him the following questions: what has drawn you to writing paranormal romance? If you weren't writing paranormal romance, what other genre would you write, and do you have something already planned after the quartet? Here is Dante’s response:

Recently I was asked why I was drawn to write paranormal romance. The truth is I wasn’t. The story I began writing years ago was a simple love story. Over time, that story grew into a paranormal romance. My story, A Love Beyond Time has none of the paranormal stuff that has become quite popular these days. I’m talking about the vampire, werewolves and other such creatures. I’ve never been into those kind of novels. Therefore, I don’t have any plans to ever write anything like them. Frankly, there can only be so much of that, before they all start to blur together. My kind of paranormal romance centers on the power of love, how true love can make wonderful and sometimes-crazy things happen. I truly believe what my tag line says, “True Love Makes Anything Possible.”

I do intend to write more than paranormal romance or romance in general for that matter. Eventually I will expand into science fiction and fantasy. All be it under a different pen name or perhaps my real name. I’m a romantic at heart so even these will have a touch of romance at their hearts.

I don’t see the Power of Love Quartet, which A Love Beyond Time is the first, being the end of my journey through the world of paranormal romance. In fact, I already have plans to revisit the world that I created for a Love Beyond Time.

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